Shelly Argue, RMT


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Monday 11:30am – 7pm

Tuesday 8:30am – 12:30pm

Wednesday 12:30pm – 6pm

Thursday 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Friday 9am – 1pm


I graduated from the International Academy of Massage in September 2012 with honors and received the Executive Director’s Award for Academic Excellence.  I also graduated with a certificate in Nutritional Counseling and a certificate in Iridology.

I started my journey into the health industry in the late 1990s by taking my first course in relaxation massage.  I then proceeded to take the aromatherapy program at Algonquin College.  I took my first Reiki course to gain my first level of Reiki and then in 2007 I took my level 2 Reiki.  I have taken many other interest courses such as an introduction to reflexology and a workshop in Soul Mind Body Medicine.  In 2013 I completed the craniosacral level 1 course.

I am dedicated to continuing my education through reading, workshops and exchanging information with my peers.  I have a keen interest in craniosacral, acupuncture, nutrition, and energy work and look to take further courses in these areas. I use a variety of techniques such as swedish massage, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, range of motion, stretching, and hydrotherapy.  I can also incorporate energy work into the massage if a client would like.  I strive to find the root of the problem and endeavour to facilitate you in your healing process.

Having a couple of children of my own I can certainly attest to the benefits of massage and other body work on children.  I find that the introduction of massage, chiropractic, meditation, and nutrition early in a child’s life can promote a strong body awareness within that child.  They will be very quick to tell you when there is an imbalance in their body.  I enjoy working with clients of all ages and levels of health.